These are some of our personal favorites collected over the years.
If you have any suggestions that would like to share, we would like to hear them!

General Surgery Collection:

A quick resource for general care of patients
Case-based approach to common problems in surgical patients
From the popular MGH pocket book series. A quick review of common topics.
Another excellent review book.
Thorough and full of wisdom
Great technical resource 
Great technical resource 
Great technical resource 
Manual style, great content.
Another great manual
Thorough book covering all topics in plastic surgery
Very valuable for call and ED procedures
A review with great illustrations
Six volumes of wisdom. One of the best books.
Classic by Dr. Millard
Studies you should know
ASMS Basics of craniofacial
ASSH manual

Plastic Surgery Collection:

Great illustrations
Very useful tables and illustrations
Another gem from the MRS series.
Radiological Anatomy
The life and work of one of the giants in our field. Dr. Joseph Murray
Comical and light read. A classic.
An intern in surgical residency